Naked Diving – Who’s Done it and Will Admit to It?

The subject of diving naked often comes up in casual conversation. People generally scoff or find the idea funny – the sort of thing that can happen on an uninhibited last day of a liveaboard. We know the 100th dive tradition/ritual – diving buff. But how many people have actually done this (while they are constantly pestering others to do it)?

This is also found often as a pornographic niche – the cheap movies with the stories taking place in supposed exotic locations (but are actually filmed in someone’s back yard). Take the pretend-plot and token prop, the soundtrack with thumping dance music and the sexual orgy. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re not talking about a bunch of people larking about but about the serious pursuit of naked diving. Is this an activity common amongst divers? Is it growing in popularity? Some of us were dying to find out. We’re enlightened adults and support all activities that enhance life – without embarrassing others, right?

Naturism/nudism/clothing optional

Naturism is the celebration of living without the hindrance and inconvenience of clothing. Sure that sounds good. How does it work in scuba diving?

What’s good about nude diving?

Imagine, no neoprene rash, no fussing and struggling to squeeze into that old wetsuit that you bought before that weight gain.

But seriously, diving naked has some real virtues. For one thing, because there is no exposure suit between the elements and your skin, you must be extra cautious and practice good buoyancy control. If you are careless, you WILL feel that brush with fire coral or bump with the sea anemone. Too many divers use the wetsuit as their armour against their surroundings. Many dive sites ban the wearing of gloves because divers become more careless and too tactile with gloves. If wetsuits were banned, the diver-made damage to reefs will probably become a rarity.

Careful where you dive naked

Don’t do it where it’s physically dangerous or where local customs don’t take too kindly to these sorts of transgressions from the dress code.

In order to stay adequately warm for a typical dive – lets say 40 minutes – the water temperature would have to be 34C/F equivalent. Cold can be a hazard so beware of the signs of hypothermia.

Try it

There are resorts and dive operators who cater to this niche. A search online should yield up a list of choices for your next holiday if you’re feeling clothing optional.

Here is a quote from a Spanish naturist site, a warning about some hazards associated with nude diving:

“It is men who risk the only hazards unique to nude diving. Feeding fish is not recommended by male divers. More than one has reported being bitten on the male appendage by some fish that perceived it as a meal. Men are advised to protect themselves if surrounded by fish large enough to bite.”/blockquote>

Hmm. Makes sense. But surely, they’re being overly cautious? A male member isn’t unique in protruding. What about fingers or the nose?

As for me, I’ll stick to my wetsuit. I tend to get cold quickly and besides, there are plenty of opportunities to take it all off after the dives. Hail the hot tub and the apre dive activities.

If anybody out there’s a seasoned naturist diver or has tried it – as a sport and not in a pornographic video – please let us know.

Colour and Dressing Hints for Professional Photos

Oh no! It is time to have some professional photos taken. These words can bring dread to your heart especially if your last lot of photos did not live up to your expectations.

I have had my share of good and bad professional family and business photos. The good ones hang happily on the wall or are on the web. The bad ones are hidden away or deleted. Unfortunately I have seen other people’s family and business photos that also need to be hidden away but are not.

The better professional photographers give pre-photo advice on your setting and your poses so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is rare to get dressing advice for a photo shoot.

Clothes can make or break a photo. A great photo has three elements – setting, pose and clothes.

Here are my tips to help you get the dressing element of professional photos right for you.

Family Photos

The best and most interesting family photos have harmony and contrast. Let me explain.

Harmony and contrast are created through colour and style.

When you clothing is in harmony it draws people’s attention to the faces and personality of the subjects. Have a discussion with your partner or family to choose a colour. White is popular but it does not suit everyone. Blue is second favourite as most family members have a shade of blue in their wardrobe. Ignore the skin-tone colours of beige, apricot or brown as you can appear naked in the photo as happened to a very upset acquaintance of mine. Co-ordinate colours below your waist especially if full-length photos are to be taken. Blue jeans fit the bill perfectly.

Next look at clothing styles. Everyone in a centre-buttoned shirt or V or round necked tee shirts or tops will create family harmony. Patterns may be different but make sure they blend not clash with each other.

Contrast creates a focal point. Put your only child in a textured top or a different style to everyone else. A mother or father wearing the theme colour plus another colour draws your attention to them. Everyone in white with mum wearing coloured or textured jewellery also creates a contrasting focus.

Business Photos

A business photo needs to show your personality and draw people to you.

Wear colours that focus attention on your face and eyes. That is easy if you have had your colours done and know what your complimentary, contrasting and signature colours are. You also need to be photographed against a plain or natural background colour that enhances you not merges or clashes with what you are wearing.

Your choice of clothing and accessories need to appeal to the type of clients that you and your business want to work with. Will you attract corporate clients, soft gentle clients, achieving go-getters or quirky artistic types? You clothing can show that as long you feel comfortable with that unspoken impression.

Be aware that photos will be cropped and shrunk for promotional material. I have had business photos that looked fantastic in full-screen but I faded away in the smaller version.

Special Occasion

For wedding photos you want to be your best but not overshadow the bride. Talk to all involved. This is a day for a perfectly fitted outfit. In the dressing room, stand far away from the mirror. Some colours may merge together or fade. Some can make you look naked. Some dress features can dominate the outfit. Choose a colour shade that suits you and a style that reflects your true personality. Your joy or your discomfort will be there for all to see.

For award dressing, it is your time to shine. Do the same dressing room mirror checks or have your photo taken in the clothes before the event so that you can make adjustments or changes. If dresses have a solid colour background with a contrasting colour design feature, make sure the feature lengthens not widens you.

Last Words

Your photographer will help you get your setting and pose right. There is more to dressing for professional photos but this article is a start towards creating your best professional photos so far.

3 Distressing Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Perfect Wedding

Choosing your wedding dress is both exciting and fraught with loads of ways to go wrong! (But many to go right, as well!) Keep these three things in mind and choosing and purchasing the right wedding gown will not only be easier but you’ll look fabulous at your wedding. Whatever you do, DON’T

  1. Look at dresses you can’t afford unless you REALLY like shopping resale online. (‘Way too much work for me!) You do that “Oh, I just want to get an idea thing” and next thing you know, you’ve found a dress for $10,000 in which you look fabulous. $10,000 dresses do tend to be well made of fabulous fabric. But you know what? You can’t afford that. Avoid this. Do your budget beforehand. Base that budget not only on the money you have to spend, the amount of money you’ve budgeted for a dress and the values that you have and love in your marriage. Whatever you have to spend is what you have to spend. There are lots of ways to get a good wedding dress at your budget. But look within your budget range. And what the heck, start at the bottom of your range.
  2. Buy anything trendy unless it’s flattering! (this is a mistake you would think people would get and avoid automatically, but nooooooo… sheesh!) You see something on line or in the movie and decide that’s the dress for you. You’re 5’3, sweetly rounded and bouncy. The dress of your dreams is modeled by someone 6’4, skeletal and drawn. It’s not going to be the same on you! Avoid this. Know what you look good in and feels comfortable. Spend some time shopping before you shop. What lines make the most of what you have? Is there an era you like? Is there a style of dressing that your partner likes. (and I know, it’s not helpful when they say, I’d love you if you came naked, because I love the way you look naked.” Right, but what do I look good wearing? Asch! Ask a girlfriend, or a person you know who has that certain something in the way she dresses!) Sure there may be things available that are trendy right now that are perfect for you. But you may want something more classical, or retro, or avant garde. The dress that looks good on you, makes you feel beautiful and you know will knock your SweetPea’s eyes out is the dress you want!
  3. Buy a dress that you won’t be comfortable wearing all day long, that won’t look right with comfortable shoes or that makes you wear really nasty undergarments. (it’s going to be a long darned day, that wonderful wedding of yours!) Beautiful clothes, even beautiful gowns, don’t need to be uncomfortable. They don’t need constant adjustment. They drape beautifully, cover and reveal appropriately, and make you look like a queen. Avoid this. Buy a dress that fits. Buy a dress that covers what needs to be covered. Buy a dress that stays up. Walk around the dressing room, sit, bend over. If it slips, it’s wrong! Buy a dress that’s beautiful and that makes you look fabulous.

(And here’s an Ann-Keeler-Evans secret tidbit: I never shop for expensive clothing when I look perfect. The test comes when I look great in it even on a day when I’m not at my best. Just imagine how I’ll look when I’m stylin!)

Go off with a friend, or your mom, or your sis, or whoever is the right person to help you shop. Before you do, however, work out your values and your budget with your beloved and do a little research about what looks great on you. Then have the day of your life, laughing, crying and dreaming about the dress. There! Don’t you look beautiful!