Be Comfortable Naked

Get used to being naked when you are alone. Sometimes being naked and just hanging around the house can feel weird. And if you put something on, you feel more comfortable. Well, how can you be comfortable naked around someone else if you can’t be when you’re alone?

Immersing oneself is the best way to get used to something or get over fears. Humans are creatures of habit. Once you feel comfortable being naked by yourself or around others it becomes difficult to go back to the way you used to feel. Depending on how much you wear when at home will determine where you need to start. If you are fully clothed all the time, including socks, you may want or need to start slowly.

Go barefoot

Start off by no longer wearing socks at home. As soon as you get home, kick off those shoes and take off your socks. You would be surprised how many people are embarrassed by their feet and don’t like to be barefoot around others. If you can’t comfortably be barefoot around people then being naked will take some time and work, but you must work at anything you really want.

Little By Little

Slowly getting used to being naked little by little is the best way to make this new habit stick. Start by doing whatever you do around the house with less clothes on. Try being topless most if not all of the time. A long time ago I was never comfortable at home without a shirt on. Now I am not comfortable unless I have no shirt.

Try wearing more revealing bottoms

If you wear pajama pants when at home, then wear shorts. If you wear shorts then wear underwear or lingerie. Eventually you will get to the point where you go completely naked.

Tip for women

If you just can’t get yourself to walk around the house topless or bottomless try this. Wear a sheer night shirt or bra and panty set. You may feel protected by the feeling of still having clothes on, but they really aren’t hiding anything. Your partner will also get some enjoyment from seeing you like this.

Just a minute

Try spending at least a few minutes a day doing normal things around the house without any clothes on. Watch TV, read a book on the sofa, wash dishes, even sweep the floor. You can then get somewhat dressed if you want to. Try extending the amount of time you spend being comfortably naked.

Of course no one expects you to be naked all the time. The goal is to get to the point where it doesn’t feel weird or uncomfortable not having any clothes on.

Body image

It feels like it’s easier to be naked around someone if you feel you look good. It is. But you don’t have to be perfect to look good. Exercise helps tone up the body. Find an exercise program that you like to do or you won’t stick to it. And if you ask someone if you look good and they say yes, believe them. Don’t think negative and say to yourself they are just being nice. Think to yourself something like “that’s right, I’m hot. “

Stay groomed

It doesn’t matter if you have no one coming over to spend the night. Being groomed and looking good helps make you feel great about yourself. Plus, you never know when you might get a call that they want to come over. Men get a haircut, women get your hair done. Pedicures, manicures, shaving, trimming, and makeup. These are all things people can use to help look more attractive to themselves and to others.

Living with other people

Ok, you don’t live alone and can’t just walk around naked. You can try locking your bedroom door and do these same tips. You will just have to put something on before leaving your room. How about sleeping naked? You may find it is so comfortable and never want to sleep with clothes on ever again.

If you take a shower and get dressed in the bathroom, try just wrapping yourself in a towel and getting dressed in your bedroom. If you have a roommate of the same sex then some things can still be done in their presence. If you’re a woman how does your roommate walk around? Copy her. Talk to her about this article. Maybe you can work on it together.

Evening Gown Tips – What Are the Patterns of Evening Dresses?

Nowadays, people tend to have more and more social activities such as celebrations and company anniversary. When attend these banquets, we need a suit of designer evening dress. Actually, there are many styles for us to choose from. The current trend may be the knee length dress with sexy silk stockings and thigh boots.

When you go to the boutiques you can see a lot of fashion designer evening dress and you must be puzzled by the wide variety of options but designer evening dresses often have to match your body figure and, of course, your pocket. Well, how to choose the right kind of designer evening gowns and which pattern would be fit for you? You should know the patterns of evening gowns first.

The first type is A-line dress. If you have a pretty and slim body shape, this skirt will fit your bodice from the waist and form an “A” shape. These dresses are ideal choices for women who would like to show their balanced figures and this dress can make women look elegant and dainty feminine. It will be better if the A-line dress is decorated with some sequins.

Then there comes the Halter dress. It is the dress with a halter around your neck. This dress may leave your back and shoulder naked and it is the best choice for women who have smooth and white skin. This kind of evening dress would make women sexy and charming.

Hanky hem dresses are the most sensual designs of all evening dress patterns, they have irregular edges and they often have the overall appearance of a scarf. Hanky hem evening dresses make women look graceful and elegant.

Strapless Gowns are always looked haute and they form a very popular pattern for most designs. If you want to flaunt your skin, choose the strapless gown. If you wear a flared or ruffled lower portion of the dress with some shimmer, you will surely draw others’ attention!

The Ball gowns are always extremely sophisticated appeal dresses. This pattern can conceal the shortage of women’s thighs. Designer ball gowns are available in varied personalities of women and they can be fitting or with lots of ruffles for a chubby look. We can see many brides choosing ball gowns as their wedding dresses because the ball gowns make you look like a princess.

The last pattern is Cocktail gowns. As the name implies, cocktail gowns are evening dresses for a cocktail banquet or some semi-formal parties. They can be interesting and flirty because you can dress up in various ways.

These are the main patterns of evening dress. Different people have different body figures and different evening gowns are appropriate for different occasions. Just find the one that suits you.

The Naked Meeting

So then… the alarm rings for the third time in my Manhattan apartment, indicating I’m very late for work, so I lurch out of bed and scurry to the shower in the kitchen.

Yes, our shower is in the kitchen.

There is a red door in our tiny kitchen that opens to a closet-sized space that contains a bathtub-shower and a toilet that are so close together, you literally have to put one leg in the bathtub when you sit on the toilet. There is no sink. To brush teeth or wash hands, you must exit the “closet” to use the kitchen sink.

But we consider ourselves lucky because this is a 2-bedroom apartment in New York City – and as young, struggling career girls in our 20s, my roommate Stacy and I can actually afford the rent!

Granted it’s a 5th floor walk up (as in, no elevator) and there are some murky lurky creatures skittering up the pipes occasionally, but hey – it’s Gramercy Park-adjacent, for Pete’s sake!

(At the open house, I still vividly remember the superintendent opening the door at 6:00 am as dozens of us pushed through the door in the hopes of snagging the apartment. As we crammed into the small space, a na├»ve young woman pointed to the red door in the kitchen and asked, “Is that the pantry?” The whole room of hardened New Yorkers erupted into laughter. Even I, a sweet Southern transplant to the City, had to admit that it was pretty damn optimistic for her to think this space-constrained NY apartment would have room for a food pantry in the kitchen – it was most likely a bathroom – and yup, I was right. And a sink-less one at that.)

So I zip into the kitchen to yank open the bathroom door, but I hear running water – so I realize Stacy must be in the shower. I knock loudly to indicate the urgency with which I must cleanse myself in order to get to work on time, but she doesn’t respond.

So I open the door – and there in the shower is a naked man.

Now normally I wouldn’t object to a naked man in the shower, but this is not my naked man.

I have never seen this man before – naked or clothed.

He shampoos his hair.

I pause. I frown, trying to make sense of this sight.

He keeps washing.

If he is a rapist, he is certainly a clean and hygienic one.

Utilizing my keen communications skills, I say, “Umm… ?”

He says, “Oh, hey, I’m a friend of Stacy’s. I met her at the bar last night.”

I swiftly shut the door.

Naked Guy certainly has a fast and loose interpretation of the word “friend” if the length of their relationship has comprised less than 24 hours.

Although, I suppose if he spent the night in her bedroom having hot-crazy-sexy-time, then I guess that could qualify as being pretty “friendly.”

I march over to Stacy’s bedroom. We have a strict “no one-night-stands in the apartment” policy – if you want the hot-crazy-sexy, you need to go to the guy’s place.

So I swing open her door to throw a fit – but she is not there.

She is not anywhere.

Omigod, I think. He has killed her and thrown her body in the garbage chute. And now he’s taking a quick spritz, then he will kill me too.

I grab the phone and call her office. Before she even says, “Hello,” I stage whisper, “Where the hell are you? There’s some naked guy in the shower!!”

“Yeah, that’s Rick.”

“Stacy, why is Rick here and you are not here!?” I squawk through clenched teeth.

“Sorry – but I had an early meeting and he didn’t want to get up so early, so I just told him to leave when he was ready,” she says.

“But we said no one-night-stands in the apartment! And certainly don’t leave when the one-night-stand is still here! There’s some stranger walking around our apartment while you’re at work and I’m sleeping in the next room? That is so not cool, Stacy!”

She says, “Well, when you put it like that… “

“OK, and now I have to go to work — and what if Naked Guy is still not ready to leave? Were you thinking he would just hang out in our apartment while we’re out – some guy you met at a bar last night? What if he steals something? What if he’s here when we come home from work? What if he moves in and we can’t make him leave? What if he’s a professional squatter?” My voice rises with hysteria.

“Excuse me,” a deep male voice says behind me.

I whirl around to see Naked Guy wrapped in a towel. I’m mortified that he might have heard me impugn his reputation.

But then I think, Wait, why do I feel guilty? He’s the one overstaying his welcome!

So then he says, “Well, I don’t want to overstay my welcome… “

And I think, Holy Shit, he’s a psychic! He’s a psychic rapist murderer Naked Guy!

I just stare at him.

He calmly walks into Stacy’s bedroom, gets dressed, comes out to say “Have a good day” and leaves.

It would be so cool to end this story by saying, “And that’s how I met my husband.”

But, in fact, neither Stacy nor I see Naked Guy again.

I mean we’ve seen naked guys since then, but not that particular Naked Guy.

With rattled nerves, and a nagging fear that he might return to jiggle the doorknob, I hastily undress, take a shower, throw on my clothes, and cab it to work.

When my boss asks why I’m late, I give her an exasperated look and say, “Strange Naked Guy in my shower.”

She nods knowingly and gives me a jaded “what’re ya gonna do” shrug, as though such a visitation is a common occurrence in bathrooms throughout the metropolis.