Naked Time – How To Get Your Toddler To Wear Clothes

What is the first thing you look at when you find out you are pregnant? Is it baby clothes? Well, believe it or not, during the initial year of your baby’s life, a bunch of time will go into your child’s clothing.

Parents always want their kids to wear clean clothes despite the colors that they may choose from. Wearing comfortable clothes is what parents want for their babies. Yet, what do you do when your child no longer wants to wear clothing. What can a parent do?

Around fourteen months of age, your baby will want to roam around butt-naked. It is completely normal for children to go around with no clothes on. This could in fact help with potty training. No clothes to take off for when they need to use the potty chair.

At this age, social norms is almost impossible to introduce to a toddler especially when you have company coming over. So how do you deal with a naked toddler?

For starters, don’t discourage the behavior completely. Yet, do set limits about where and when he or she can be naked and be sure to enforce the rule. You will need to repeat this rule several times and keep dressing him so he or she will get the message.

Definitely watch your toddler in public as it is likely they will throw off their shoes and jackets and before you know it, try to peel off all the other clothes. You don’t want to lose the expensive items.

One thing that can help both you and your child out is to set up a “naked time”. This can be when your child roams free for however long you set it for. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on them during this time so they will not hurt themselves. This time should be set when the traffic in your household should be kept at a minimum or doesn’t see a lot of traffic. While you and your toddler may be okay with his or her naked time, friends and neighbors, more than likely, will not be.

This might be the time to let your child do some of the deciding on what clothes he or she would like to wear. Let them dress themselves a couple of times a week. If you do this, it may get them to stay dressed instead of being naked. This freedom time lets your child begin to understand how important clothing matters in the life of grown-ups.

Try not to let the discipline focus about the toddler’s body and more only on his or her clothing. Without intentionally doing so, you could make them feel self-conscious. The discomfort the child feels can go all the way until the adult years.

One way to help your child in factoring private time and public time is set up a play date right before and after the “naked time”. Let them set their own boundaries, at least in their own mind.

Don’t forget that this part of life for your toddler is a time for exploration. Even though you have been through things before, he or she hasn’t. It’s time to let them figure things out on their own.