Get Sexy – How to Look Better Naked With Exercise

If you want to know how to look better naked then a great way to get started is by leaning up and toning that body. Having excess fat on your body will make you more self conscious when it’s time to take those clothes off and can make you feel a little less than sexy!

So when it comes time to get into that “birthday suit”, you should be as comfortable and happy with your naked body as you are when you are dressed for a night out on the town. With the right diet and exercise program it is possible for you to look even better naked than when you are fully clothed. Here are some tips to do just that.

Start With a Healthy Diet

A toned tummy, sleek legs and toned arms and legs can be yours if you are willing to go the distance. Looking good naked begins with a healthy diet. You have to eat right if you want to have a great figure. Veggies, fruits, lean meats, whole grains, and lots of water are the key elements you need to concentrate on. Toss out those packaged sweets, fat laden chips, sugary sodas, and calorie packed meals. Instead choose healthy, natural foods that will help you drop the pounds and feel sexier about yourself.

Don’t Skimp on Cardio

In addition to a healthy diet, regular cardio will help burn extra calories so you can start dropping excess fat. You should make sure that you are performing cardio exercises at least 3-4 times per week for the best fat burning results. Each cardio session should last at least 30-60 minutes. And the great thing with cardio is that you can pick whatever activity you enjoy whether that be walking, running, biking, swimming, taking an aerobics class. The key is to work up a sweat so you can burn off the fat that is now covering up those lean muscles.

Weight Training is Important Too

But don’t just stop at cardio! A weight training program is going to give you the lean fit appearance that will make anyone look better naked. Challenge yourself with some squats, lunges, leg kicks, dips and crunches. Lunges and squats will help you tighten those leg muscles. Crunches can tame the tummy area. Shoulder presses, curls and dips will help you develop some sexy arms. Working with weights will help tone those muscles and give your body that sexy, firm look that you want, so don’t be afraid to pick up a pair of dumbbells.

So now that you know how to look better naked and get sexy the next step is to start implementing these techniques above. Be sure to start making the necessary changes to drop extra weight so you can feel confident and sexy.