Evening Gown Tips – What Are the Patterns of Evening Dresses?

Nowadays, people tend to have more and more social activities such as celebrations and company anniversary. When attend these banquets, we need a suit of designer evening dress. Actually, there are many styles for us to choose from. The current trend may be the knee length dress with sexy silk stockings and thigh boots.

When you go to the boutiques you can see a lot of fashion designer evening dress and you must be puzzled by the wide variety of options but designer evening dresses often have to match your body figure and, of course, your pocket. Well, how to choose the right kind of designer evening gowns and which pattern would be fit for you? You should know the patterns of evening gowns first.

The first type is A-line dress. If you have a pretty and slim body shape, this skirt will fit your bodice from the waist and form an “A” shape. These dresses are ideal choices for women who would like to show their balanced figures and this dress can make women look elegant and dainty feminine. It will be better if the A-line dress is decorated with some sequins.

Then there comes the Halter dress. It is the dress with a halter around your neck. This dress may leave your back and shoulder naked and it is the best choice for women who have smooth and white skin. This kind of evening dress would make women sexy and charming.

Hanky hem dresses are the most sensual designs of all evening dress patterns, they have irregular edges and they often have the overall appearance of a scarf. Hanky hem evening dresses make women look graceful and elegant.

Strapless Gowns are always looked haute and they form a very popular pattern for most designs. If you want to flaunt your skin, choose the strapless gown. If you wear a flared or ruffled lower portion of the dress with some shimmer, you will surely draw others’ attention!

The Ball gowns are always extremely sophisticated appeal dresses. This pattern can conceal the shortage of women’s thighs. Designer ball gowns are available in varied personalities of women and they can be fitting or with lots of ruffles for a chubby look. We can see many brides choosing ball gowns as their wedding dresses because the ball gowns make you look like a princess.

The last pattern is Cocktail gowns. As the name implies, cocktail gowns are evening dresses for a cocktail banquet or some semi-formal parties. They can be interesting and flirty because you can dress up in various ways.

These are the main patterns of evening dress. Different people have different body figures and different evening gowns are appropriate for different occasions. Just find the one that suits you.