7 Dress Tips to Perfect Elegance For the Winter Ball Or Christmas Party

Party season is nearly upon us once again, and it’s time to break out the elegant evening dresses! Fortunately for those of us who are vertically challenged, or carrying a little extra padding in several places, the designers and fashionistas have been kind to us this Fall/Winter 2009 season. Kudos to them for bringing back slimming blacks and flattering browns; even more exciting this year is the return of the LBD – yes, the little black dress is back.

Here are seven fantastic tips to help you make the most of the last remnants of your summer tan, and ensure you grace the holiday party scene with pizzazz!

1. Dust Off Your Little Black Dress – It is no secret that little black dresses are a must-have fashion staple, but this year they are back at the forefront of fashion. Not only are black and brown the trendiest colors, but this sexy little number can be used for multiple winter balls and Christmas parties alike. Lacy LBDs are especially sexy if worn well, and they have definite pay-raise potential.

2. Dare to Bare – Well, at least one shoulder! Trendy one-shoulder dresses are taking the catwalks by storm this season, and they flatter the more willowy figure wonderfully well. If you want to feel lean, elegant and stylish rather than gangly and awkward, one-shoulder evening dresses look ultra-feminine and beautifully unique.

3. Break The Mold – If blacks and browns are depressing the life out of you, peruse the tantalizing two-color evening dresses the designers are favoring for the Winter 2009 season. Finances are looking dull for many, so opting for a fabulously colorful dress will certainly liven up the proceedings. Be careful, however, to make the distinction between bright, vibrant hues, and gaudier offerings.

4. Look In The Mirror – One of the biggest contributors involved in capturing a perfectly elegant look is to be completely honest. If you have bulging calves or knobby knees, consider one of the magnificent maxi evening dresses and make the most of your height. Maxi evening dresses have been among the fashion frontrunners for two seasons now, and they are especially trendy when embellished with lacy trimmings and sequins.

5. Belt Up Awhile – Belted evening dresses are a must-have for those of us who want to deflect attention from our muffin top midsections. If you want to jazz up pretty black or brown evening dresses, choose a dazzler design with a pretty pink belted waist. Opt for higher heels to elongate your legs and emphasize the tapered waist to its greatest extent.

6. Think Simple, Simple, Simple – Even the very best of us have spent evenings out in complex chiffon creations, and most of us can remember scratching for days after the fact! Fortunately, this years’ winter fashion is all about simple cuts, simple colors, simple designs, and simple fabrics. If you feel a little naked without all the bells and whistles, accessorize elegantly simple evening dresses with your most treasured sparkling jewelry.

7. Light Up The Sky – Neon has made a definite reappearance this year, which completely contrasts the sultry blacks and browns. Blue and red neon are particularly eye-catching, but you will need full battle-paint on your face to pull this look off well. Go for super-short or super-long with your outfit, and you simply can’t go wrong.

If you’re a big fan of darker colors, you will be jumping for joy when you browse the designer’s 2009/2010 evening dress selections.

So, work your pretty dress and make the most of the free drinks, the admiring glances, and the good conversation!